"Breeding dogs with a good spirit in a good body"

Willem Dusseljee, founded the kennel "van het Groot Wezenland" in 1983 in The Netherlands, and since that time he breeded successful German Shepherds for the KNPV and IPO program. He used his practical experience as a doghandler / police officer in Holland by testing and selecting his dogs for his breedingprogram. He was also more times a competitor in the WUSV and FCI worldchampionship. 

In 2001 he moved with his kennel to Belgium.

In 2009 he also started with breeding  Malinois in the FCI and till now also with success. 

In 2014 he moved with his kennel to the south from nice Hungary  

Now he will breed  for hobby a few litters in a year, with FCI Malinois from high quality for police, military and sport,

Thanks to the photographers for making available some nice pictures for this website from 5 amazing Malinois males breeded by our kennel.

Photo 1. Kuerras v.h. Groot Wezenland  KNPV PH 1 + lof 

Photo 2. Lobo v.h. Groot Wezenland  KNPV PH 1 + lof

Photo 3. Linck v.h. Groot Wezenland  IPO 3 (World championship competitor)

Photo 4. Jepp v.h. Groot Wezenland IPO 3 (World championship competitor)

Photo 5. Irock v.h. Groot Wezenland KNPV PH 1 + lof, KNPV Object Guard + lof

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