Date of birth:  14.04.2013  

Height and weight:   64 cm / 35 kilo 

FCI pedigree number:  NHSB 2920527

Working certificate: KNPV PH I + LOF, KNPV PH 2 + LOF, KNPV OBJECT BEW. + LOF

Competitor on the National Championship KNPV PH 2

Competitor and Winner from the KNPV Studdogs game 2018               

Healthresults: HD A,  ED 0,   no extra vertebra in the spine (Police test)

DNA tested 

Trainer  :  Henk van Rooij out of The Netherlands  phone  +31  0648948641


For pedigree click here : NERO VAN T MERLEBOSCH

NERO - Attack on helper with a stick on KNPV National Championship

NERO - Impressive attack on the helper with a stick - National game for KNPV Studdogs 2018

NERO - PH 2 attack with 1 surrendering helper and one running helper shooting with 9 mm revolver