Race: Belgian Shepherd dog / Malinois


Date of birth:  02.05.2016  

Height and weight:   65 cm / ... kilo 

FCI pedigree number:  NHSB 2938250 

Workingcertificate: In training for the KNPV PH 1 program 

Healthresults: HD A1,  ED 0,   no extra vertebra in the spine (Police test) 

DNA tested

Trainer and owner : Andre van Keulen out of The Netherlands phone +31 628798603


Kelvin is breeded out of a bloodline with many KNPV certified males and females. Kelvin is in training for KNPV PH 1. Kelvin is a very good temperamented social selfsure dog with a very good speed and hard attacks and also very good grips and push bite. He is a very good jumper. He wil apport all materials, like cupper, metal and so on, in natural way. Full brother and sister from Kelvin are already KNPV PH 1 certified.  Kelvin is located in The Netherlands.

KELVIN - Guarding object

KELVIN Attack on helper with stick

KELVIN Attack on shooting helper with 9 mm pistol

KELVIN Helper test with throwing objects on the dog

Kelvin - Call back on the running helper

KELVIN - Attack on the biking helper

KELVIN Attack on the helper who surrenders